This is it! Thirty players have been left by the wayside, leaving this year's two best competitors remaining to fight it out for the honor to be named 1-On-1 Pool champ, and that sweet $650 payout!

AFC #1 Seed Secretly Victorious vs. NFC #3 Seed Ragesters:
It's all coming down to this -- two players each making their first 1-On-1 Super Bowl appearance. These two should be quite evenly matched, with Ragesters just slightly edging out Secretly Victorious in regular season pick totals, 161-160. And while Secretly Victorious killed it in the AFC earning the #1 seed, Ragsters had to face a much tougher conference in order to earn the NFC's #3 seed. So now we have to see which one will be able to prevail in this one final match. With a 1-point betting line, this is going to be a really tough one to pick. And if they both pick the same team, then how to you base your score pick? Go high, counting on the Chiefs' high-powered offense; or lowball it, looking for the Niners stellar defense to keep things in check?

All will be answered soon enough, and now it's time for our compeitors to get their picks submitted. They're due in by 8:00 Saturday evening, pick picks needed for game winner, total score, and the final tiebreaker of total offensive yardage. Good luck to our players!

It's an easy dividing line this year, as Ragesters takes the slightly-favored Chiefs while Secretly Victorious is calling for a "But is it really an upset?" win by the Niners.

All right, one final match in this 1-On-1 Pool season -- best of luck to both players, and we hope everyone has a great time watching the game. Check back Monday morning to see how it all wraps up. Enjoy all!

Secretly Victorious Ragesters

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