Down to the final four now -- a win this week is your ticket to 1-On-1 Super Bowl glory! Let's see what we've got in store for the season's penultimate matches:

AFC 3rd Seed Why Not Zoidberg? vs. AFC 5th Seed Brenda's Bulldogs:
If we were to find a word to describe how Why Not Zoidberg? has been playing over the past season and a half, "streaky" would come to mind. Since the middle of last year, he's lost three, won four, lost three, won two, lost three, won eight, lost three, and has now won two playoff matches to get to this point. Now it's time to see if he can keep the streak going for another two weeks. In the three previous times Why Not Zoidberg? has made the postseason, he's only gotten this far once -- however, he made the most it by getting the win that sent him into 1-On-1 Super Bowl XI. He came up short in that one, and now he's looking to get the job done this time.

With this postseason appearance, Brenda's Bulldogs ends the longest playoff drought in the league. She came into the league in 2009 and made the postseason twice in her first three years, but hasn't been back since. Now she's making the most of one of her best seasons ever, and is looking to get her first title. She made it this far in both her previous playoff runs and got to the 1-On-1 Super Bowl as a rookie -- now she's looking to finish the season on a high note as well.

So at least one of these two players will be making their second Super Bowl appearance in the hopes of their first title, while the other will fall off at this point...again. Who will it be? Tough to call -- Why Not Zoidberg? has the edge in head-to-head meetings, having won both of their previous matches against one another, but postseason matches play much differently than regular season ones. With only two games to pick, it's far more likely that an accurate score pick will be the difference-maker. And while Why Not Zoidberg? is the higher-seeded player, it was Brenda's Bulldogs who put up the better record this year. All in all, this one is anyone's match to win.

NFC 2nd Seed Rabid Ferrets vs. NFC 6th Seed Jeff B:
Would you care to take a guess how many players made it to the postseason their first four years in the league? That would be quite the accomplishment, so you know it's not many. The answer is a whopping two players -- Evil Squad Of Evil (who actually did it his first five years), and Jeff B, who is looking to make it further than he ever has before. In his first two seasons, he made it to the Conference Championships before being knocked out, and last year he faltered on Wild Card Weekend. Over these past four years, he's amassed one of the best win percentages in the league, winning nearly 70% of his matches.

Making the playoffs eight out of 12 seasons? Not too shabby -- nine is the most anyone has done. Making it to three 1-On-1 Super Bowls? That's a record. Two Super Bowl losses? Well, not the sort of record anyone wants, but that's the most Super Bowls anyone has lost. Now he's looking for his first NFC Championship win since 2011 in the hopes that the league has back-to-back years in which a two-time champion is crowned.

So, how do these two stack up against one another? They've met up four times before -- the first two times, Jeff B put up the win; while Rabid Ferrets got the most recent two. Those recent ones include a meeting earlier this season, as well as a postseason victory last year. So now it comes down to this -- they've each shown they're capable of beating the other, so it comes down to who can pick these two games better.

All right, nothing left but to get those picks in. The pick submission page is ready for the final four to get their choices in, so please make sure to do so by 8:00 pm Saturday evening. Enjoy everyone!

The picks are in, and we have two possible matchups for 1-On-1 Super Bowl XIII. We're going to know our final pair early, because both matches are going to be decided by the Falcons/Packers game.

If Green Bay wins, then Brenda's Bulldogs and Jeff B will move on; and if Atlanta comes out on top, then it'll be Why Not Zoidberg? vs. Rabid Ferrets.

A simple dividing line -- now we just have to wait until about 6:00 Sunday to see how things shake out. Good luck!


GB/ATL: This is the only one that mattered for us, and only one team showed up. The Falcons brutalized the Packers, giving us our players for the 1-On-1 Super Bowl in two weeks time.

So congratulations to Why Not Zoidberg? and Rabid Ferrets, who will be both making return trips to the big dance.

We definitely have to also send out congratulation to both Brenda's Bulldogs and Jeff B for making it this far. A loss this week is still worth $75, so even before any other bonuses are thrown in, they've both still turned a profit on the season.

We'll update the chart with the late game results later, but for our purposes, this week is closed. Check back in about a week for the 1-On-1 Super Bowl XIII preview!

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