Final four! Congratulations to the players who made it to this all-important point. You're each just a step away from the Conference title and a berth in 1-On-1 Super Bowl XIV.

So, what do we have going this week? Let's take a look:

AFC #1 Seed Mary L vs. AFC #2 Seed Cutler's Revenge:
Two seasons ago, Mary L pulled off something very few players have done -- she made it all the way the Conference Championships as a rookie. Now she'll face off against Cutler's Revenge, who has managed that same feat in his rookie season. Mary L was the #6 Seed that year and fell short in her bid to make the Super Bowl. Now she's really honed her game and comes into this one as the top seed in the AFC. And while she finished out the year two picks better than Cutler's Revenge, we definitely can't discount the season Cutler's Revenge put out. His 171 picks on the season is one of the best rookie performances we've ever had, so this one is likely going to be coming down to the wire.

NFC #2 Seed Boardwalkers vs. NFC #4 Seed Ignats:
Last week's preview noted that Boardwalkers was going up against an opponent who has never beaten him in three previous meetings, and Boardwalkers made it four-in-a-row. This week, Boardwalkers is going up against an opponent who has never beaten him in three previous meetings. Will he keep the streak going, or will Ignats be able to make the big move? On paper, this seems like it should be all Boardwalkers. During the regular season, he put up two more wins and had 17 more correct picks than did Ignats. But as we've seen time and again, these are the kind of stats that mean exactly nothing once we get to this point. More often than not, a match like this is determined by whoever posts the wiser score pick. Will that be the case in this one, or will one of these players make a savvy (or foolish) underdog pick? We'll find out in the next day or so!

All right, the pick submission page is ready for our remaining players, so make sure you have them in ahead of the 8:00 pm Saturday deadline. Enjoy all!

The picks are in! One match will be decided by the AFC Championship game result and the other will be coming down to score total.

All four players like the Vikings to win, and three of them are riding with the Patriots. One, however, is looking for that stout Jaguars defense to do a number on Brady. If popular vote wins the day, then it will be Boardwalkers who advances to the Super Bowl. But if Jacksonville can pull off the upset, then it'll be Ignats making his way to the big dance.

For the Mary L/Cutler's Revenge match we will first look at the score total for the Vikings/Eagles game. The magic number here is 41, with Mary L looking for these two offenses to drive the score above that number, and Cutler's Revenge hoping the defenses can keep it below. If the total is exactly 41, then we'll look back to the score total of the Patriots/Jaguars game. The players will have the same offense/defense rooting interest, with the dividing line this time being 47/48.

We have four quality players looking to move on. Who gets the title berth? We'll know some time tomorrow night. These should both be really good games, so enjoy your penultimate football Sunday of the season, and good luck to our remaining players!

Mary L Cutler's Revenge Boardwalkers Ignats Image Map

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